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Industry: Wholesale Jewelry and DIY products

Web Design, e-commerce, branding, photography, marketing

Working with X & O Beads was truly a rewarding experience which we will never forget. From transferring over 700+ product items to a new and improved e-commerce website, to shooting product photography, and tasked with building out a marketing master plan, we have taken great pride and gratitude for this opportunity.

XO Beads - Model Photo
Ryu Poster Designed by AQRedited


Industry: Restaurant

Web & Menu Design, consulting & business development

One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Ryu Izakaya was their openness to new business ideas and opportunities. They are not your typical Japanese izakaya restaurant, but instead, they push boundaries and often challenge conventional thinking. Communication was the key to our successful collaboration and partnership. We held regular meetings, laying a foundation of trust and transparency between our two businesses. Our continued partnership will surely allow us to explore new solutions and foster high creativity.


Industry: Music

Web Design, e-commerce & branding

Ian is musical talented, a creative visionary, and a true entrepreneur who helped shape this project into both an enjoyable and successful one. We thank Ian for his trust in AQRedited to be part of his journey to bring his vision to life. We look forward to our continued collaboration!

Ian Arden - Album Cover
Big Ming Restaurant - Food Picture


Industry: Restaurant

Web Design, consulting & branding

We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Big Ming restaurant on redesigning their website. When you have a client who can communicate effectively, set expectations, and is open to ideas, it fosters a true environment of partnership rather than simply exchange in services. When AQRedited has a positive relationship with our clients, it makes us want to work harder to ensure the success of any project. Ultimately, the quality of the client relationship can determine the success of a project, and working with Big Ming was a testimony to this statement.


Industry: Sushi Restaurant

Web Design, CMS & branding

IKON sushi is known for its exceptional quality and delicious sushi boxes in Markham. Their talented chefs use only the freshest and finest ingredients to create mouth-watering sushi rolls that are sure to impress even the most discerning palates. We would like to congratulate the owners on the 2nd location in Vaughan and their trust in AQRedited to help their with their website. IKON Sushi is a must-visit local destination.

IKON Sushi - Tray Photo
Hai Tang Cafe Poster


Industry: Restaurant

Web Design & QR codes

If you've been to Markham before, you would understand how popular Hai Tang Cafe is and how delicious their food can be. We would like to thank the owner for giving us a chance to work on their website and increase their digital presence in the community. This speaks volume to their popularity and we defiently recommend you to Hai Tang for your next meal! 


Industry: Restaurant

Web Design, branding, food photography & social media

Executive Chef Yang has been in the culinary field for over 30 years and has honed his skills in many styles of asian cuisines. Originally, he started his restaurant in Canada with his wife Josephine called Shanghai Court. When we heard they have ventured into traditional clay pot rice dishes, we step up to the call and offered AQRedited's services and assistance. 

Bowl Kee Restaurant - Banner Photo
Panda Koala Co. Banner Photo


Industry: Fashion

E-commerce, branding, design, advertisement  & social media

Panda Koala Co. is all about playful designs featuring pandas and koalas. With their cute and stylish t-shirts, you're sure to turn heads and make a statement. 


Industry: Entertainment

Logo Design, Motion Graphics & social media

The Vending + was an exchange of thoughts, opportunities, and banter. To make an impact to young professionals in the audio entertainment industry. AQRedited assisted this client with their graphic design needs and help curate a brand to resonate with values and their story behind the name. 

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